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Doggy Daycare and Boarding

Pawmetto Lifeline is now offering Doggy Daycare and Boarding services!

  • Doggy Daycare is available Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 6:30pm
  • Boarding offered 7 days a week!

Let your pet come stay and play with us! Your pet will have a blast and 100% of the proceeds will benefit homeless pets in the Midlands.  Check out photos of our accommodations!


Monday-Friday, 7:30am-6:30pm
Drop-Off: 7:30am-9am
Pick-Up: 5pm-6:30pm

Closed Saturday, Sunday and on Holidays. (May not be available during peak periods.)

Base Price: $20/day


Monday-Saturday, 7:30am-overnight
Sunday, 12 noon-overnight

Drop-Off: 7:30am-9am, Sundays after 12 noon
Pick-Up: by 10am next day, Sundays by 4:30pm

Base Price: $25/day

Base Price includes: one walk down our graveled walking trail, one hour indoor group play time, one hour outdoor group play time, meals according to current schedule, and the administration of any medication (prescription or preventative). Extras can be added on every day your furry friend is with us! (Additional charges will apply.) Package rates are available! Please see the Daycare & Boarding Price List and Admissions Requirements for more information.

Half days of daycare (up to 5 hours of playtime) can be purchased for $10/day. Like all reservations, half days must be scheduled 48 hours in advance.

Cancellations must be made no less than 48 hours in advance of scheduled stay to avoid charges. Late cancellations or not showing up for your scheduled stay will result in a charge equal to half of the stay’s cost. When booking your appointment, you will be asked for a credit card to hold your reservation. This is the card that will be charged in the event of a late cancellation or a no‐show.

Daycare/Boarding Requirements:

•  Pet must be four months of age or older. (This is to ensure that they are fully
    vaccinated, which does not happen before 16 weeks.)
•  Pets must be spayed or neutered. We cannot make any exceptions to this rule
    for the health and safety of all of our animals.
•  Pet must be altered for two weeks prior to a scheduled interview day, daycare,
    or boarding reservation.
•  Pet must be up‐to‐date on the following vaccines: Rabies (1‐ or 3‐year), DHPP
    (1‐ or 3‐year), and Bordatella/Tracheo‐bronchitis (every 6 months). Vaccines
    must be in the system for two weeks prior to any scheduled interview day, daycare,
    or boarding reservation to ensure proper immunization.
•  Pet must have proof of a negative Heartworm test and be on a monthly Heartworm
    and flea preventative.
•  Pet must be in good health. Any pet undergoing treatment for a contagious illness
    or displaying signs of a contagious illness will not be permitted to stay.
•  Pet must be non‐aggressive to people and other pets. This includes food, toy, and
    space aggression.
•  Pet must pass an Interview Day before making reservations. This is a four‐hour trial
    period ($10.00 cost) during which the dog is kennel‐tested, staff‐tested, and
    dog‐tested to ensure that no aggressive pets come into the program.
•  Pet must be wearing a quick‐release or martingale collar. No spike, chain, or choke
    collars allowed for safety reasons.
•  Spots must be reserved at least 48 hours ahead of time!

Daycare/Boarding Practices: We know when you trust your dog to us, you are trusting us with a member of your family and we take their health and well-being very seriously. When you choose Pawmetto Lifeline for your Daycare and/or Boarding needs, you can be assured that your pet will receive the highest quality care.

•  Every dog has its own 5 x 7 kennel for nap time (unless you bring in a companion
    to board with him/her)
•  Only staff interacts with the privately owned pets
•  All pets boarded in the DayCare/Boarding Suite are fully vaccinated and up to date
    on all medical
•  The Daycare/Boarding Suite has its own separate HVAC system from the rest of the
•  No Pawmetto Lifeline dog is boarded in the Daycare/Boarding Suite unless they are
    a “long-timer.” (“Long-timers” have been at Pawmetto Lifeline for at least two
    months, are fully vaccinated and considered a healthy adoptable dog by our
    veterinarian.  These dogs do NOT interact with other Pawmetto Lifeline animals.)

Contact the Daycare & Boarding office at (803) 465-9178 or email Heather Williamson at for more information and to schedule your pet today!

Downloadable Daycare & Boarding Materials