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Rescue Collaboration

Although long term plans and initiatives will allow us to solve pet overpopulation over time, the immediate needs of over 13,800 homeless pets in the Midlands require urgent action on a daily basis. We have developed three Rescue Programs to address this critical need.

HEART (Help Every Animal Reach Tomorrow)

Pawmetto Lifeline's rescue program, HEART (Help Every Animal Reach Tomorrow), partners with Midlands municipal shelters and 501(c)3 rescue organizations across the country to facilitate the rescue of homeless pets in our community. Every day a representative from Pawmetto Lifeline photographs companion pets scheduled for euthanasia in Midlands municipal shelters and promotes them via email to rescue groups across the country. Currently, Pawmetto Lifeline has over 175 rescue partners in 23 states (and Canada) that have helped to save more than 5,000 pets from Midlands municipal shelters.

Pet Food Pantry (Pet Soup)

Pawmetto Lifeline operates the Pet Food Pantry, Pet Soup, to provide dog and cat food to needy pet owners. By providing this resource for qualified pet owners, less fortunate members of the community are able to keep their animals, instead of having to add them to the huge number of homeless pets. This simple, yet much-needed program serves more than 1,000 registered clients each year, and distributes up to 6,000 pounds of pet food each month.